Tokaji Édes Szamorodni 2018


The Word of polish origin "szamorodni"- being used since 1828 - refers to the method of preparing. The whole and desiccated berries of grape are processed together - so they can be nearly as good quality as a 3 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú. Szamorodni is one of the most popular quality wines of the Tokaj wine-growing area - due to its particular flavour and amber looking.
Kiszerelés: 0.5 L
Alkoholtartalom: 13 %
Savtartalom: 6,81 g/l
Cukormentes extrakt tartalom: 32,6 g/l
pH: 3,49
Cukortartalom: 92,9 g/l

1,790 Ft