About Us

Hi everyone! We would like to write few sentences here casually, without the dry facts and commonly used introductory words. We are a kind family winery in Sárospatak, in the Tokaj Wine Region. My father and my mother (Sándor and Maria) founded the company, just after we were born with my brother (Gábor and me, Kitti). In the following years they were building and improwing the company with hard work and good decisions. Around 2013, me, Kitti and my brother also got involved in the winery’s everyday life. No worries, we also went to universities and had our freedom :) you know...

Right now, my italian boyfriend is also working at the winery. He brings the italian style which is needed because my mother and grandma are Swabian. But back to the family business. If you come and visit us, then you will meet with us. Not with employees, but with the family.

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