Wine tasting at the Simkó Winery

Wine tasting is an unforgettable experience that should be made unique every time. A sip of wine, picturesque scenery, what more could you want? 

Our family winery is committed to producing the highest quality wines. Our passion for wine is evident in our delicious and refined wines, which we are proud to share with our guests during our wine tastings.

In addition to the family atmosphere, you can find a selection of wines from the entire Tokaj-Hegyalja, and our winery also offers sparkling and semi-sparkling wines.


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4.900Ft /person

The wine tasting takes place in the wine tasting room, which is hidden under our guesthouse and awaits you with its family atmosphere. Taste the pride of our family winery: a dry, a semi-sweet and a sweet wine. 

The experience starts with a walk through the beautiful cellars, where you can see how our wines mature. Afterwards, we will share with you the secrets of winemaking and the interesting things to know about the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region in an informal chat.

Welcome to our Wine Tasting


5.900Ft /person

Want to join our wine tasting event showcasing the wines of the Tokaj wine region?

Then join us and taste our 5 top quality wines. Our sparkling, dry, semi-sweet, sweet wines and, of course, the most famous wine of our wine region, Tokaji Aszu!
Members of our family will be your personal wine experts, who will show you the secrets of the winemaking process and the unique characteristics of the wines. And to make the experience even more special, you can also taste the very special Tokaji Essence! NOW AS A GIFT!

Come and join us, we guarantee you will look back on your time with us as a memorable experience!


10.900 HUF /person

Join us for an extraordinary wine tasting experience with 7 of our top quality wines.

Start with our sparkling wines, made using traditional techniques, and continue with our dry, semi-sweet and sweet late harvest wines. Then taste two different types of our famous Tokaj aszú. Finally, as a special gift, you can taste our unique Tokaj essence.

Members of our family will guide you through this unforgettable tasting, sharing interesting facts about the characteristics of each wine, specialities
Don't miss this exclusive opportunity, we look forward to welcoming you!


9.900 HUF /person

We offer our ChocoWine package for the truly inexperienced. You can taste 5 different wines, each accompanied by a handmade chocolate bonbon. During the tasting you will discover how the flavours of wine and chocolate complement each other and find the ideal pairing for each wine. Get ready for a sensual adventure to tantalize your taste buds! We are waiting for you with Love!

What is Essence?

Tokaj essence, also known as nectar, is made from the grapes of the Tokaj Hills wine region, which are grown in a closed area, ripened on the vine and picked separately, one by one, at harvest. Without pressing, the grapes are pressed together by their own weight to produce the special juice that forms the thick nectar.

It becomes a Tokaji specialty after minimal fermentation, which can take years. Rich in minerals and unique aromas, it is low in alcohol. The inimitability of the Eszencia is not only due to its unique harvesting, but also to the fact that it is not produced every year, is only available in the best vintage years and is only available in a few wineries in our country, which is why it can be called the king of wines.

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Our decades of experience are reflected in every bottle, which tells the story of our family. With us you can discover the unique flavours and harmony of the region in every grape.

The aim of our winery is to share with others the beauty, the love and respect for wine and the environment, and to pass on our family history. Visit us and become part of our family!

How to contact us:

+36 47-311-946

+36 30-272-3561

We are waiting for you!

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